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zaterdag 21 februari 2015

Are you still there?

It took some time, but here we are with the English tex, see blog January 26.
Oops! I knew I hadn’t written anything for a while, but that I didn’t publish any blogs since November 6th… That ain’t pretty!
It takes time to write a blog, and time, well, I have a lot of time, but I do a lot of things as well.
Three graces
A while ago (my blog 24th of March 2014) I wrote about this subject. To my suprise a few pictures have been removed from the blog by I think the moderator, but I am not sure. It’s a pity because my story has been mutilated.

But… my new statue is finished and has been given a place in the gallery. I can watch it with joy, this is another statue you just have to look at with eyes and hands.

It starts with a few chalk lines. I use a technique called 'Taille directe', which means I take the graver and gouge and start working while I think and look and shape. At times I take a step back and look at the object from different angles. At its lines, the tension, the form, its skin…

Three slightly bend sticks, about the same length. Okay, three is check, now let’s take care of that grace!

I’ll leave it to my reader’s imagination to see the grace in these objects. You can come and take a look. They are in the gallery.

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