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zaterdag 2 november 2013

Dryope, nymf.

A dead tree  gives firewood , but a dead plum tree, that´s wood for sculpting.  But surprisingly dead wood means wood rot and woodworm, the log is lying on the workbench and chisels go into it.

What do you make, ask Otto, a retired photographer from Budapest . I do not know, but think , given the shape I see arise , a woman . Aha, you make your own muse ?

Ultimately, it does not become my muse but a special woman, Dryope. The dimensions: the trunk is 10,5 cm the diameter and height 139 cm.
Dryope is one of the Greek dryads, they protected the fruit and woe if you caused
damage to a tree, you waited a punishment. There I was not afraid , I would rather give Dryope 's miserable story a different turn.
Her hands extend in a pleading  gesture to the gods to free her from the treetrunk.
Well , that struggle has taken a while for me, sometimes something broke off and I had to use a replacement piece, but after all this is for me the most valuable statue I currently have. It's not for sale, unless you want to pay the palindrome price of € 1313131, then I might sell it .

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